Business and human rights

Talk on Colonisation, and Business and Human Rights at Tilburg University
SLIC* collaboration with NEXOS
Mexico's Civil Litigation Against US Gun Manufacturers and Dealers for Cartel Violence: Developing a Standard of Corporate Complicity in Gross Human Rights Violations
Mexico v. Smith & Wesson: How Should US Courts Approach the Issue of Proximate Cause in Tort Cases Against Gun Manufacturers?
Human Rights Due Diligence is the Future: Corporate Perspectives (1 June, 15:00-17:00)
Risky Business: will TotalEnergies be complicit in international crimes if it continues doing business in Russia?
Civil liability in the EU proposal for a Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive: a leap forward or stifling progress?
A clear risk of what? The Egyptian navy, the Dutch arms export policy and linguistic inconsistencies in the EU Common Position
The Promise of Shareholder Rebellions for Business and Human Rights
‘Knock Knock’: On respect for autonomy as a criterion for rules of secondary liability
Shell/Nigeria: the fight over secondary liability of parent companies over corporate human rights violations by their subsidiaries
Access to supply chain information: stopped at the border by customs?
Establishing secondary liability by creating transparency: a role for civil society?
Money as Complicity: Can banking and finance services facilitate international crimes?
Re-reviving the Alien Tort Statute for Human Rights Claims
Putting an End to the Application of Foreign Law in Cross-Border Tort Cases for Serious Human Rights Violations?
Autonomous Weapons Systems and the Liability Gap, Part One: Introduction to Autonomous Weapons Systems and International Criminal Liability
The UK Vedanta Case and Parent Company Liability
Bringing Transnational Human Rights Torts Cases Against Powerful Actors of the Global North
Human Rights Due Diligence: Turning Ideals into Law