Expert Group on secondary liability for international crimes

The SLIC* Expert Group is composed of approximately thirty practitioners, academics, NGO representatives, and policy makers. Within the SLIC* Expert Group, a number of working groups will be tasked with setting out and evaluating the current state of the law and practice of secondary liability within their domain.

The SLIC* Expert Group will hold three plenary meetings, with the working groups being categorised as follows:

  • Theoretical foundations of secondary liability
  • Human rights law and secondary liability
  • Secondary liability and actus reus
  • Secondary liability and mens rea
  • Secondary liability and multinational corporations and the state

At the final conference, the results of the SLIC* Expert Group will be presented. Subsequently, the Expert Group’s conclusion will be published and disseminated together with a summary.

External Researchers

External researchers can apply for participation in the Rethinking SLIC* project, as an external PhD candidate or visiting scholar, in accordance with the conditions and procedures provided by the Amsterdam Center for International Law.